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Thank you for your inquiry.

Study in a comfortable learning environment

The classroom does not have a learning place based on the student's first thought. 
The instructor will go to a convenient place for students. The basics are at a relaxing cafe.

Japan is a country that loves coffee. So there are various cafes and coffee shops. Tokyo also has restaurants from various countries.
There must be a restaurant in your country. You might be able to relax at lessons in those familiar places.

Customized ​Learning 
Different Students 
Require Different
Approaches to Learning

Classes are individual classes (up to 3 people in principle).

Basically, it is a one-on-one individual class, so you can take classes without worrying about your surroundings. .
We also meet a variety of needs, including children who want to prepare for and review schools, students who attend public schools, students who attend Japanese language schools, and students who want to teach lessons with useful content for future work. 
We strive to approach and teach according to students' needs.

Reasonable and flexible fee structure

Foreigners coming from abroad have different purposes in different countries.
We propose curriculums and schedules tailored to each student in various countries in Japan.

We will listen to the learning method and period, and make a plan that suits each student.
To begin with, setting the goal is the first step.

This school has made the entrance and learning period as flexible as possible.
It is also true that many foreigners are worried about the future for various reasons. I think each period of stay in Japan and study period.
Therefore, it is not a long-term contract such as a general annual contract or 2 years, but a period of 3 months or more.
Student first is also here.

In The News
New school opening

Japanese language class Sara was newly opened on December 24, 2019.

Dec. 24, 2019

I also do Twitter

Twitter is also open! Please follow us.



Dec.  24, 2019


I post of wonderful foreign places,delicious dishes and nice pictures of Japan.

Look forward to it!!

Please foiiow me!

Dec. 24, 2019

Student Voice

 Ms.Sara is very kind and she carefully teaches each student.

She teaches students from various countries so I respect she.

I'm glad I learn from my teacher!

Mr.A.C (From China)

 Ms.Sara listen to me when I was worried.She paid attention not only to study but also to life. 

Ms.B.K  (From Vietnam)

 This school has no classrooms.It was surpring at first.But It´s a good school for me because not have to go and enjoy learning while drinking coffee.

Ms.M.F​  (From Thailand)

 I´m busy with all my plans on weekdays so It´s hard to go to school at a certain time.I took a class my friend introduced me at that time.I was able to continue because Ms.Sara is friendly and adjust my plans.Thank you!!

Mr.MJ​ (From Indonesia)

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