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What is a Japanese classroom Sara?

It´s a first-students classroom.
Classroom overview

A cram school without a classroom

Japanese classroom Sara has no classroom.

My classroom styles is based on private lessons(one on one).You might think that´s  a tutor?But I don´t go to your home.If its a private lessons,you don´t have to come to the classroom.Students decide when and where and the teacher adjust to it.

I do lessons at cafes from Tokyo Ikebukuro of Yamanote Line to around Ueno Station.Starbucks Coffee,TULLY´S ,PRONTO,DOUTOR,Saint Marc Cafe,Renoir,A street cafe,the hotel lounge,the rental room,etc... I will do lessons relax with a cup of coffee.

Everyone get nervous when you talk to teacher first.If you´re not used to speak Japanese even more.Because students choose a place where you can relax even a little and I will up to students. 


I want to do a through first student.

​This is the concept of the Japanese classroom Sara.

Japanese classroom Sara

Tel: 050-6869-2420

Office address:

Arakawa ku,Tokyo to

For home use,the following is closed to the public.

Representative Kurasaki Sara

Business content

Classroom management・sales of learning Japanese materials

Employment support for foreigners and Consulting work.


Nice to meet you everyone.Representative is Sara.

I thought that I want to teach the language of my country to foreigner because I like language when I was child.

Now my dream came true and I became a Japanese teacher and 4 years have passed.
Since I became a teacher,I have worked at  a large Japanese school and taught people from various countries.
I taught JLPT and a lot of students passe JLPT.
I always try to teach students by thinking about feelings they don´
t understand.

I´m looking forward to learning Japanese with everyone.

Thank you.

Representative Kurasaki Sara

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