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Course Introduction

A cram school for those who what to learn Japanese

Japanese classroom Sara is a cram school for foreigners who want to learn Japanese properly.If you attend  a Japanese school but you are hard to understand,You´re not used to speak Japanese because you were born in and grew up in foreign country etc,Anyone who has trouble with Japanese can  take a course.

A professional teacher who taught in Japanese schools will teach in private lessons.

I set a reasonable price because the economic considerations to students and people who had just came to Japan.



Lesson time


You can choose from once a week to everyday.

Teaching materials・text

We use the specified text.

Please ask for at the time of admission.

​※I will lend you a text book foe the first lesson.

OPening day・Time

Mon.~Fri. 8:00~22:00

Sat. and Sun. 8:00~12:00


Ikebukuro・Nishinippori・Nippori・Ueno・Akihabara・Asakusa Cafe around

​※We pay each for food and drink monefy


Monthly fee:​Three months admission・Two months continuity・Advance payment system

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