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There is no classroom.

Classes are held at cafes around Ikebukuro to Akihabara,and Asakusa.

I will go to other distant places if I can get the travel cost.

​I can Skype or Zoom too.

I will request a location and time that is convenient for the student, and will assemble the schedule.

As much as possible, our instructors will try to suit the student's convenience and avoid burdens.

01 /
Where´s classroom?

Basically,if you bring stationery ,it´s  okay.

You need to fill out the admission notice for enrollment procedures, and you will need the cash required for enrollment.

02 /
What do you need when I join?
05 /

Yes, it's fine.

Please consult us whenever the plan at the time of enrollment is not available. We will respond, such as changing to another plan when continuing.

However, please note that once a month's payment is made, it cannot be refunded.

Is it OK to change the conditions at the time of admission?

I'm very sorry.

This classroom is not in school, so you cannot get a VISA.

04 /
Can you issue me a VISA?
03 /
Is it OK I have the text?

Yes, it's fine.

If you want to review, such as a school supplementary lesson, please bring the text you are currently using.

How many is teacher?
06 /

Currently, we have just opened a class, so we have one Sara. I am confident that Sara will be able to take classes with peace of mind through direct guidance with responsibility.

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